because a well-crafted brand is everything

In 2018, the Rebrand Project will select 20 businesses from the Inland Empire for a rebrand. If you are a small business owner and believe that your brand needs to be reevaluated, complete the project entry form by November 30.

What does a rebrand entail?

There are many aspects that must be considered in the rebranding process. The Rebrand Project will help the qualifying business by providing them with:

Brand Strategy consulting, design and identity, 

What is the Rebrand Project?

The Rebrand Project is a project by Diamond Four and Zaid, to revitalize the Inland Empire's economic landscape through

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is the process of

How much does it cost?

In 2018, the Rebrand Project will select 20 small businesses/brands from the Inland Empire and offer them rebranding services at no cost. Services include identity design, consultation, strategy

Does my business/brand qualify?

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